Pinterest Picks – 10-11-12

Since Pinterest is all the rage now I’ll be posting a weekly Pinterest top picks of what trending now! Enjoy!







Traditions & Superstitions – Part One: Good Luck/Bad Luck

Here’s a list of 13 superstitions when it comes to your big day.  Some are famous – others are not – so enjoy them!

  1. Tuck a sugar cube in your glove –Greek – the sugar will “sweeten” your union.
  2. Spiders in your dress –English -a spider found in a wedding dress is seen as good luck.
  3. Wednesday is the best day to marry – English
  4. Groom carries the bride over the threshold – Bravely protect her from evil spirits lurking below.
  5. Sunday is the unluckiest day to be married – English – Now the most popular day to marry.
  6. Rain on the day of your wedding is considered good luck – Hindu
  7. Pinch the bride for good luck – Egyptian
  8. Henna on hands and feet – Middle Eastern – to protect from the evil eye.
  9. Peas instead of rice – Czech

10. Gold coin from mom and silver coin from dad in your shoe – Sweedish – to ensure you’ll never do without.

11. Door-to-door collection of gifts in a pillowcase with an older married women – Finnish – the married woman represented a long marriage.

12. Milk bath – Moroccan – to purify before the wedding ceremony.

13. Pine tree planted outside your home – Holland – symbol of fertility and luck.


Adapted from The Knot © 2004

Wedding Day Delays

Heres a short little post to let you know what one little delay can do to your wedding day! Make sure you avoid these delays (look for later posts on how to avoid them!)

Transportation Delay = Church Delay = Photo Delay = Reception Delay = Dinner Delay = More Time Needed in Reception Hall = Cost Increase for Reception location and probably other vendors!

Wedding Rules – Modern Wedding Etiquette – Womans Day – StumbleUpon

Wedding Rules – Modern Wedding Etiquette – Womans Day – StumbleUpon.

Times are changing everyone….And its time to embrace them … Well some of them… you make the call 🙂

Enjoy & Happy Planning

Top 10 Wedding Speech Ideas: Best Man and Maid of Honor Edition | Wedding Photography Design Philippines – StumbleUpon

Writing a speech can be an incredibly daunting task… So I just came across this wonderful post on StumbleUpon about writing a speech – specifically if you are the maid of honor or best man.  Hope this helps!


Top 10 Wedding Speech Ideas: Best Man and Maid of Honor Edition | Wedding Photography Design Philippines – StumbleUpon.